Token of appreciation

Photo courtesy of Fedhz

I couldn’t think of an appropriate gift to the OB-GYNE who performed the surgery last December. Since I do not have the physical capacity to shop for Christmas gifts at that time, I thought of giving her my favorite Fedhz Polvoron. I also purchased a couple of boxes for my former editors.

Suggested meal plan and sample menu (post surgery)

I was also given this meal plan after I got out of the hospital last month. Following certain meal plan and doctor’s advice has hasten my recovery after a medical procedure on December 13. Kindly read the brief story of my surgery here.

Soft diet

This was the hospital-recommended diet that I followed for two to three days before and after my operation last December 13.

It will be a simple Christmas eve celebration

Christmas eve observance this year will be a lot different from the previous ones that we had. I just underwent a major operation and movement is limited for a few more days. So hubby and I decided to just order or take out food for Christmas eve. Ordering will be a lot easier but knowing…

Checking some items online

We haven’t had the time to go to the mall to check on some items for the home. The best thing that we can do is to check online. I’ve checked on an online catalog and pick some items to purchase. There are non-stick frying pan, dinnerware set, non-stick sauce pot, kitchen set, cutlery set. They…