Reunited with my old waffle maker

I have this waffle maker (model KW 2613) for more than five years now but I haven’t used it as often as I should. I organized and put away some of our stuff including a gibson robot sg toy and this waffle maker two years ago and forgot all about their existence. It was my son who reminded me about the waffle maker so I took it out of the cabinet, cleaned and used it last weekend… I think this waffle maker will be a regular fixture in the kitchen from now on.

Cooking Tips to Save Money

When it comes to food, it makes perfect sense not to cut corners, as we are dealing with daily sustenance here. But living in these times when it has almost become a necessity to make a budget on everything, it makes just as much sense to scrimp a bit on our food-spending. But it’s not…

Inihaw na Panga ng Tuna

A relative from General Santos City brought home this huge panga ng Tuna as pasalubong. We thought of cooking it with tamarind soup, but hubby prefers it to be grilled. So, grilled Tuna it is! We have calamansi, toyo, and sili as condiment. We had a hefty lunch!

Baking it with Bingo!

Weekends are fun especially when you are partying with your friends or colleagues at your home or in a close by pub. You don’t really need a specific reason to get together with your friends and have fun. But yes, every once in a while there does come a few occasions when you celebrate with…