Pregnancy itself is already a very demanding job, your body goes through many changes during nine months and you can feel very overwhelmed after having your baby, how you are going to look, how your body is going to look, you think many things and you are not sure how you are going to be able to feel like yourself again and take care of a newborn at the same time, your body after giving birth may take time to return to the way it was, obviously not as quickly as we would all like but little by little the changes will be noticed.

To help you in that process of being yourself again and recovering the body you already had, or even 50% of it, you have to think of a strategy of eating healthy, sleeping more than five hours, doing some exercise and obviously asking for help with the care of your newborn so that you can achieve it, a body shaper is the perfect companion to help you get closer to that goal you want so much, by using it daily you will be able to feel that your body is recovering little by little and you will see the changes constantly with just a little effort on your part.

Over time you will be able to use the best shapewear for tummy and waist, recommended to level up and shape your body so you can visualize how your body will look with your daily routine and everything you do to lose weight of the baby, you can use that time in which the baby sleeps to do subtle exercises that give you more mobility and exercise the arms and abdomen for more strength.

And if you feel ready, the shaper shorts will help you shape the area of the butt and legs, this design is perfect to wear under clothes, pants, dresses, it is very versatile and very comfortable, if you have to go out shopping or taking your baby to the doctor, these shorts are the right decision for those moments, you will be able to see yourself in the mirror and feel yourself again when you see your curves as before, it is very easy to notice the changes every week that you use them and that you exercise.

Having a baby is not an easy task and losing weight during the whole process is not easy either, but if you have the right help and know how to manage your time, you can achieve your goal much faster. Your body is very intelligent and little by little it will find a way to recover so that you feel much stronger and if you use these shapewear pieces you will have much more motivation to get back to the body you had before, eat healthy and train constantly. even for half an hour it can make a difference in how your body will look daily and that will make you feel much more active every day.

Taco Time

Do you run out of breakfast ideas? You can prepare tacos ahead of time.

This was my entry for #tacotuesday. Posted on my Instagram last October.

You need a few ingredients to do this. Ground beef with taco mix, shredded cabbage, diced or sliced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and kewpie mayo. You can also add other ingredients to your preference. You can prepare tacos as a meal or a snack. Enjoy!

Farm Fresh Milk Products

Late post: I’ve been looking for kesong puti and locally-produced mozzarella for a while now until I discovered UPLB’s Fresh Milk Distributor – Commonwealth QC on Facebook.

They’ve been selling a lot of milk products such as whole milk, choco milk, coffee milk, low-fat plain yogurt, flavored yogurt (peach mango, strawberry, blueberry), and pastillas candy.

I ordered one each of kesong puti, mozzarella, peach mango yogurt, and pastillas candy. I bought them in February and have yet to make a second order soon.

The seller is so accommodating and thoroughly explains how to store the milk products properly. Since the milk and other dairy products are fresh, have no preservatives, and with shorter shelflife. Proper storage is a must to maximize its shelf life.

I’m glad I discovered these locally-sourced products. The products taste so much better than I expected. Kudos to the sellers and distributors for helping our local farmers and the industry thrive.

#supportlocalbusiness #SupportLocalFarmers #uplbfreshmilk