Del Monte Kitchenomics is giving away 100 cookbooks!

del monte cook book

Del Monte Kitchenomics is giving away 100 cookbooks to their lucky email subscribers. I joined by answering 4 easy questions.  I hope I still possess the luck in raffle draws/contests like I used to have. :)

This cook book will come in handy when I try out new dish for the family. You know It isn’t easy to prepare meals for picky eaters and when food budget is limited. Most dishes listed in the Kitchenomics recipes are healthy and easy on the budget plus the recipes are easy to follow.

I’m excited to own a cookbook like this.

Thoughtful Food Gifts for Special Occasions

When you want the gift that you are giving to be as special as the occasion, you should consider a different presentation that will keep on giving throughout the year.  Including wine, chocolates, gourmet mustards, or cheeses can be the highlight of any party if you give some extra thought and plan the gift with…

Gift idea for my old boss

What birthday gift suits a former boss? Is it a bottle of red wine or chauvet slimpar 56? I’m not sure if he will appreciate any of those. How about a cooked food or dessert perhaps? I just want to give him something to thank him for his goodness.  He has been good to me…

Biggest Canned Tuna I’ve Seen

My family loves fresh (and canned) tuna. I usually pan or deep fry cut tuna, make Sinigang (Tamarind broth) tuna belly, or make fish fillet out of fresh tuna I bought from the market.  Canned tuna, on the other hand, has always been my kitchen savior when I ran out of time to cook breakfast…