Cooking for the Holidays

Mommies, what are you preparing for Noche Buena? How many dishes are you serving for the family? For those who have ample time to be in the kitchen to cook and wish that odor of the food you are cooking won’t make the house smelly. Here’s a little trick to avoid the strong odor to stay in the house.

  1. Close all doors to other rooms in your house.
  2. Open kitchen window and allow air to cross ventilate by opening a door to the outside.
  3. If cooking with lots of garlic is done during the rainy season ventilate the house once in a while when the temperature is mild.
  4. Open the front and back doors and allow the air to cut through the house for at least 5 minutes.

I hope these tips will help you block the pesky odor.

Don’t forget to prepare vegetable and fruits with your traditional ham and queso de bola on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Tips from newspaper clippings.

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