Sous vide cooking technique


I‘ve learned another cooking technique online called sous vide (pronounced as sue-veed). I’ve been cooking for my family for years now but it’s the first time that I stumble on this cooking method. This style of cooking has been around since time immemorial and still being practiced by chefs worldwide.

According to immersion circulator reviews, the method is really simple you just need to have the Best Sous Vide Brands machine for a start. The food item – fish, meat, veggies, that you want to be cooked through sous vide technique should be placed into airtight plastic bag. Once fully sealed, the plastic bags with the food item will then be submerged into a steam heated water bath (sous vide machine). The water bath is set at a specific cooking temperature for the amount of time that you desire. What you will achieve is a perfectly and evenly cooked food item because the natural juice stays in the bag. Professional cooks claimed that sous vide technique are better than grilling, frying, oven and stove top cooking.

It seems easy to do right? All I need now is to acquire one of these sous vide machines to get me started. I hope to find one on sale.

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