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Benefits of Luyang Dilaw (Ginger root)

Medicinal Benefits of Luyang Dilao (Ginger Root): • Relieves rheumatic pains & muscle pains • Alleviates sore throat, fever and colds • Ease nausea and vomiting • Intestinal disorders and slow digestion • Relief from tympanism and flatulence • Treat intestinal worms • Hinder diarrhea, gas pains • Relieve indigestion (dyspepsia), toothaches • Lower cholesterol…

Yellow Cab for Noche Buena

No time (or too lazy) to cook. We had Calzone and Charlie Chan pasta for dinner and early Noche Buena. The plate of spaghetti was given by my sister in law. Merry Christmas, food trippers! Food Trip Friday is hosted by Mommy Willa.

Food Safety Tips

Food Safety is the assurance/guarantee that food will not cause harm to the consumers when it is prepared and/or eaten according to its intended use. Food and Water-borne Diseases Is a group of illness caused by any infectious (bacteria, viruses and parasites) and non-infectious agents (chemical, animal and plant toxins). Common Causes of Food and…