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Benefits of Water

Do you want to have a clear and youthful skin all the time? Of course you do because you don’t want to see yourself using renuvie to treat the early signs of aging such as wrinkles. Water has natural moisturizing effect that increases skin elasticity. The more water you take the better.

Water is also vital to the recovery of my children from dengue fever. Water intake helped in normalizing the platelet count of dengue patients.

Other important benefits of water:


Lose weight
Natural Remedy for Headache
Better Productivity at Work
Better Exercise
Helps in Digestion and Constipation
Less Cramps and Sprains
Less Likely to Get Sick and Feel Healthy
Relieves Fatigue
Good Mood
And Reduce the Risk of Cancer Source

Side Effects of Diet Pills

Even if I write about diet pills most of the time, I haven’t actually tried one for fear of potential side effects. But I can share my sister’s experience with diet pills. I’ve seen the side effects of diet pills in her. She could have achieved her desired weight, but she looks like a zombie with dark circles under her eye and her skin appeared dry because her drastic weight loss caused her skin to sag. She was conscious of her weight when she was in college so she tried diet pills without me and our mom’s knowledge.

Tulingan Recipes

I have two recipes of tulingan or mackerel tuna featured today. The sinaing na tulingan and the other one is simply its fried version.

I learned to cook these dishes from my mother and aunt. But I remember my late grandmother used to cook these tulingan recipes when I was little.

Sinaing na tulingan is so easy to cook. All you have to do is boil the fish with a handful of kamias, chopped onion, salt and add a moderate amount of water. Boil the fish for 20 minutes or more. Elders prefer to cook this in palayok (earthenware) to achieve the stage where the fish sauce (patis) naturally comes out of the cooked tulingan. You can store this for a few days.

The fried tulingan is what comes out of the sinaing na tulingan after a few days. I fry it until the fish is brown. I paired this delicious viand with sautéed tomatoes. It is best served with hot rice. I don’t think you will enjoy these native recipes if you are taking the best weight loss pills. You will certainly ask for more rice once you taste it.