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MYM: Six Sunny Side Up

Fried egg is the easiest breakfast recipe to prepare and cook when you are in a hurry and do not have time to eat a full meal.

Eggs belong to the Protein group of the Food Pyramid like fish, meat, poultry and dry nuts group.

My entry for Mellow Yellow Monday


Software that works for food business

If you own a food or any type of business and you want to be effective in business management, you might want to use a software to track your financial records. Good thing there is inetsoft business intelligence software with drag-and-drop feature, wherein the user doesn’t need to write mind-boggling codes to create a report. The software is user friendly and the user only needs a good 10 to 15 minutes to design a report. The software is intended to make businessmen efficient in their work whether they are a techie person or not.


I couldn’t help but smile whenever I read posts by mommies complaining about their weight or their bulges. I’ve seen some of them, and boy, they are slimmer in person. Sometimes I wonder what type of food they eat in order to achieve such figure or was it the conjugated linoleic acid side effects (if they are taking one) that are working in their system. Whatever it is, they have to be thankful because they are blessed to have a good metabolism and wouldn’t have (hopefully) to experience the same weight struggle that I have now. 🙁