Monthly Archives: June 2011

Fried tuna and sauteed tomato

I’ve run out of Lunch idea, so hubby suggested that I fry some tuna slices and sauté a few tomatoes that he bought from the market. Here’s what I got.

Beware this pair may consume a lot of steamed rice. 😀

Business expansion

A friend of mine who is into food catering business has expressed her interest to expand her small business. She said she still wants to learn more about her trade hence she will take up a business course. The problem is she has no time to leave her job in between schooling so an online business degree is an option.

She said taking up an online business degree is cheaper compared to the business course offered in traditional schools. And she can easily adjust to the time that she has to spend online when her classes starts. Imagine she can study at the convenient of her own home while doing what she loves to do, that is cooking and preparing food for her business.

Dried fish

One of hubby’s staff gave him some “pasulubong” from Tacloban City. He was looking for rechargeable aa batteries at the stockroom and when he returned to his room he saw these delectable Pinoy Food on his table. Tuyo or dried fish is one of hubby’s favorite breakfast meal paired with fried rice with crispy fried garlic and chili vinegar as dipping sauce. The staff also gave him this yummy binagol.