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Bananaque or Banana-Q is one of my kids’ favorite afternoon snacks. This is easy to cook. You have to deep fry saging na saba and coat it with brown sugar until the color turns into golden brown. my entry for Food Trip Friday

Health benefits of watermelon

Hubby loves to eat watermelon. In fact, he’s already addicted to it. 😀 He started the healthy habit after he discovered the health benefits of watermelon. The potassium content of melons helps control blood pressure and probably prevents strokes. Watermelon is also rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lycopene which are known to prevent heart…

Food keepers for school and work

There are cute food keepers that I’m contemplating to buy for the kids. The food containers that they are using are still functional, but I want a food keeper that can hold soup or food with sauce. Attractive food keeper can also enhance the eating habit of picky eaters. Here are some pictures of cute…

Did you make the cut?

Don’t you just find it quite a struggle to chop up those onions, mince that garlic and cut those red and green bell peppers into thin and uniform slices? Cooking and serving warm home-cooked meals to the family is simply pleasure but there is no simplicity in trying to come up with those neatly cut…

Chicken Sandwich

I prepared chicken sandwiches for my family the other day. This snack is a sure hit with my kids. The ingredients are simple. You need pre-boiled chicken breast, mayonnaise, dash of sugar, salt and other spices, lettuce. I used pandesal from Pan de Manila.