Monthly Archives: September 2011

Fried Galunggong and Radish Salad

The heavy rain prevented me from going to the big market today, so I just bought what I need from the nearby flea market.  I purchased more than a kilo of galunggong (round scad) and radish, tomatoes and onion for the salad.

Galunggong is so versatile you can do a lot with it.  But today I simply fry the fish and pair it with radish salad (hubby’s fave salad actually). This is just a mixture of radish, onions, tomatoes, and condiments like vinegar, salt and pepper, and a small amount of sugar.

This is what we have for lunch and dinner today.  Sarap!

Do you love galunggong too? What other recipe for galunggong do you know? I would love to hear from you. 🙂

Chicken lollipop

I bought more than one-kilo of chicken wings the other day to grant my kids’ wish to prepare chicken lollilop for them. I followed the simple steps I wrote in my quick menu plan. The steps are easy you can prepare this in no time at all.

I marinade the chicken with lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper and let it stand for a few minutes before dipping in flour.

I wasn’t able to find Parmesan cheese so I strike out the cheese and egg in the ingredients list. I fry the lollipops on medium heat until golden brown.

Kids’ verdict: thumbs up 🙂

Since my kids’ love the way I prepare this easy chicken recipe, I’m thinking of cooking the same for their Christmas party or give some to the teachers. But if the budget won’t allow my plan, I guess a photo frame gift for her will do for teachers and exchange gift for classmates.

How to make attractive meals

Food preparation and presentation takes a lot of time and creativity. But if you really enjoy cooking, making attractive meals is easy for you to do.

Try to find food stores or markets where you can buy fresh vegetables, fruits and low fat meat or fish for your meals.

Be careful with storing food, especially if you do not have a refrigerator. Eat leftovers from meals on the same day.

Make your meals something to look forward to everyday, and take time to prepare them.

Find new ways of combining food you like with new products you’ve heard. Experiment in your cooking.

Use food with lots of fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and cereals, to help prevent constipation.

Invite a friend or relative to share a meal with you.

Remember, a good, well-balanced meal does not have to be expensive.

Make sure that you can chew your food well. You may need to consult a dentist for dentures. If you already have false teeth, see your dentist if they do not fit you well.

Source: World Health Organization