Monthly Archives: October 2011

Picnic Lunch

I would really love to go on a picnic but the weather is unpredictable we may not enjoy the activity with intermittent rain showers especially in mid-afternoon. We can bring raincoats or marmot jackets on a picnic but the rain will just spoil the fun.

If the plan pushes through, I’ll prepare the kids’ favorite dishes such as adobo and steamed rice, pork barbecue, salted eggs, sandwiches, seasoned fruits and beverages.

We plan to have our picnic lunch at the nearby park one fine day.

Food storage

A mother’s instinct sometimes dictates the choices that we make about healthy food intake, clothes to wear or activities to keep the young ones amused. In terms of food preparation, moms know the functional tools in the kitchen that makes life easier for them. Tools such as food keepers ensure the quality of food served in the dining table. Properly stored food whether frozen or dried are safe to eat at any time of the day.

In times of emergency, proper food storage is necessary. The experienced moms that we are know that emergency food storage kits are important to ensure that our family will get the most basic needs when economic or disaster happen.

BBQ Boy’s Jumbo Chicharon Miki-bihon

My son and I had an early dinner at BBQ Boy while waiting for the lab test result at the FEU-NRMF Medical Center in Fairview. We had two orders of classic barbecue (P69 per order) and sago’t gulaman (P20 per order). We also bought BBQ Boy’s bestseller Jumbo Chicharon Miki-bihon as our pasalubong to my daughter. A single order of Jumbo Chicharon Miki-bihon can be shared by two to four persons and only costs P99.  Sulit naman.