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Dressing Down The Kitchen

Normally I would reserve the expensive fabrics for the bedroom and the living room and would opt for cheaper ones or discount upholstery fabric to be used for the kitchen. It is way too impractical to dress the dining table and other dining furniture with expensive materials. Think of numerous messy spills and dozens of nasty stains that will require a huge amount of effort to get washed off, or worse, a considerable amount of money to have it dry cleaned! There are cheaper alternative that would still help achieve the contemporary and homey effect that I want on my kitchen and dining area. A little creativity and a good alliance with a good tailor will help me do the trick many times over.

Make your kitchen in tip-top shape

Most homemakers, including myself, dream of having a beautifully designed kitchen. There are people who invest a good sum in repairing or redecorating their kitchen to achieve the desired appearance they want. Kitchen is where we spend a great deal of time preparing the best meal we can serve our family, so it’s fitting to have an organized and spacious corner to inspire us to cook more. I would love to have a neat interior design but I don’t have the talent and resources to do it.

If you’re working on a minimal budget, you can still make your kitchen in tip-top shape. You can start taking out some unnecessary fixtures and leave only the things that you need or use everyday. Hang some or your favorite pictures or painting that you’ve been meaning to hang on your kitchen wall for a long time. If you don’t have a budget for repainting, you can hang blue gingham curtains. There are a lot of curtains to choose from but choose the ones that will create a warm environment for your kitchen. Just remember not to go beyond your budget.

Street Food: It’s More Fun in the Philippines

I created a wall photo using the latest slogan of the Department of Tourism “It’s more fun in the Philippines” to promote Tokneneng as one of the popular street food sold in the Philippines. 🙂 I created my version by uploading an original background photo at You can search my entry here.

Tokneneng is usually peddled by ambulant vendors along with other variety of street food such as kwek-kwek (smaller version of tokneneng), fishballs, and squidballs.

You can create your own by visiting the site I mentioned above. Have fun!