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Del Monte Kitchenomic Cooking Class Schedule

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Max’s Delivery

I woke up late last Sunday and had no time to prepare lunch, so I decided to order food at Max’s. I used the gift certificate given to us at the media launch of Max’s new promo. I called up Max’s hotline delivery and inquired if they will honor gift certificates for food delivery. There was some misunderstanding apparently because the manager was not informed by their main office that GC’s were given for their new promo. After some explanation and inquiries that she made to their main office, I finally made my order. They asked for my land line number and called me twice just to confirm my order. I understand the procedure though. It was a sort of background checks to make sure that we are not making fun or joke of it.

We had a wonderful lunch that day. The whole family enjoyed the sumptuous 4Sharing Meals! We had one whole, regular Fried Chicken, a bowl of piping hot Sinigang na baboy, four servings of rice, and four glasses of iced for lunch. Thanks Max’s! 🙂

Barbecue, anyone?

Summer is one perfect season for outdoor activities and fun family get-togethers and what food will always be present in any of those festivities? What else but juicy and tasty barbecues. It does not matter where you held these celebrations, barbecues are so handy and convenient, not to mention easy to prepare, too, that you can prepare it beforehand and store it in tight containers for long hours of out-of-town travels. You can also bring your own portable grill for an instant barbecue in the beach, or you can probably prepare them in a fire pit in the villa where your entire family is billeted. It does not even matter whether you prefer to barbecue lamb chops or pork chops or those huge lobsters or mouth-watering tuna bellies, just toss in a few tomatoes and other veggies, and some cheese, too, and I bet everyone will love the little feast you prepared. I know I would!