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Del Monte Kitchenomic Cooking Class Schedule

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Max’s Delivery

I woke up late last Sunday and had no time to prepare lunch, so I decided to order food at Max’s. I used the gift certificate given to us at the media launch of Max’s new promo. I called up Max’s hotline delivery and inquired if they will honor gift certificates for food delivery. There…

Barbecue, anyone?

Summer is one perfect season for outdoor activities and fun family get-togethers and what food will always be present in any of those festivities? What else but juicy and tasty barbecues. It does not matter where you held these celebrations, barbecues are so handy and convenient, not to mention easy to prepare, too, that you…

Bonding Moments with Max’s 4Sharing Meals

Food is the common denominator that binds families and friends. Creative ideas are formed over a good-tasting meal. Well, I hang out with friends who love food a lot, not to mention a group was formed because of food. 🙂 Last Thursday, I and my food-lover friends were invited to cover Max’s new promo, 4Sharing…

Cleaning allies in the kitchen

Here’s a list of natural cleaners I got from that will surely save you time and energy cleaning pots and pans and whatnots in the kitchen. 1. Apple peels. Boil apple peels in water until the stains on saucepans begins to lift. Allow the water to cool before you throw it and the peels….