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Go Cheap Tip: Throwing a Birthday Party at a Restaurant

You figured that it was your little one’s fascination with creepy crawlies and leaping lizards that has somehow affected his jumpy and effervescent demeanor at the birthday party you both went to just recently.  But then, after careful thought, you realized that it’s the inexplicable appeal of children’s birthday parties which has gotten your kid all bursting with uncontained excitement.  Every kid derives certain exhilaration from going to parties, and that feverish pitch hits an all-time high once you start talking to him about his very own birthday party.

In stark contrast to that enthusiasm, we parents then start stressing over the smallest details and expenses. Obviously, the biggest expense is the food, so start by searching a website like for voucher codes that can be used at restaurants in your area. In the past, I’ve found restaurant voucher codes that helped me save 50% or more on the final bill! But, the savings don’t stop there; here are some other ideas on how to save on expenses on your child’s birthday party.

Make your own party favors and decorations.  Allow that art attack to overwhelm you, and put your creativity to good use.  If your son is having a Spiderman-themed birthday party for instance, get some sturdy cardboard, paint it red and black and add the other details to make the cartoon come to life.  Fill it with candies, and you have an instant piñata.

As for the party favors, instead of buying those ready-made loot bags, you can craft your own with some fancy paper and ribbon.  To make it even more personal, you can have your son draw on it with his personal design.  You can do the same with the invites.

Limit the number of guests.  The more the merrier? Sure, but if you’re on a tight budget, that wouldn’t work.  As much as you can, invite only your closest friends and relatives.  In this case, less is more.

Bake your own cake.  Unleash the Betty Crocker in you and whip up a storm in the kitchen.  If your baking skills leave much to be desired though, you can have a friend or relative who’s better at it to just bake a birthday cake for your kid.  Tell her that that’ll serve as her gift for your kid.

With a little imagination, you’ll be able to give your kid his much-desired restaurant birthday party- without burning a hole in your wallet!

Protect Your Hands When Doing the Dishes

Ask any lady who toils away, washing the dirty dishes in the school kitchen what her biggest skin problem is, and she’ll probably tell you that it’s her dry hands. Moms- or Dads- at home may find themselves faced with the same dilemma as well.

Doing the dishes- even with rubber gloves on- tends to dry out the skin on your hands. Although you can’t entirely ditch the duty of doing the dishes, there are some things you can do to help alleviate the problem:

As soon as you get up in the morning, use a fragrance-free skin moisturizer on your hands. Wait five minutes after the first application, and slather on some more. When your hands are dry, they absorb moisture faster.

When doing the dishes, use thicker and longer dish gloves to make sure that no water seeps into the gloves and irritates your skin.

Apply a thick layer of lotion on your hands, and leave them overnight. Wear breathable knit gloves, to keep your hands from sweating, as sweat only further irritates the skin.

Steer clear of hand sanitizers with alcohol. Alcohol strips your skin of moisture more than soap and water does.

The key to keeping your hands soft is to treat your skin all day long- not just before or after doing the dishes.

Start the day right with a good breakfast

Some kids find it a grueling task to eat breakfast especially if they woke up late for their morning class. But being a persistent mom, you won’t let your kid dash out of the house with only milk in his tummy. It’s not a good idea for an active kid and adults, for that matter, to skip breakfast.

Kids and everyone in the family should start the day with a big and heavy meal in the morning. It helps kids to be more alert in school and for adults to meet the day’s challenges like filling out life insurance quotes no medical exam form.

One of the best meals that you can cook for you loved ones is ham and egg fried rice with a dash of veggies. You can pair it with your other favorite longanisa, tapa or tocino.

I’ve included ham and egg fried rice in my back-to-school meal.