Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Wand In The Kitchen

It was his birthday and until now, I want to give him gifts, I wish hard that a fairy will drop by and wave his wand on me. My boy is a big boy now (sniff) and this mom is a bit sad that I can’t give him what he wants. I want to cook something special for him but I was interrupted in my kitchen.

I know I said whatever happens in the kitchen, stays in the kitchen but this is worth sharing!



There. I said it out loud!

No, he did not come with washing machine on hand or any other appliances, he came with his wand and some fairy dust. It was a surprise really and he said that he loves visiting blogs and if you want your blogs to be visited, just say something in here or Follow The Fairy Hobmother on Twitter.

My big boy will be happy with the news! Bye for now.  I’ll tell him about it and oh, I need to finish the dish I am cooking!



Birthday treat

My small family celebrated my son’s 13th birthday the other day. We only have cake and other sweets that we purchased from Goldilocks using some gift certificates hubby got from the office.

I lighted the birthday candles (not in picture) as we started singing the birthday song for the lad. He didn’t tell us what he wished for but I’m sure it’s something that he longed to have.

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