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Taho for breakfast, anyone?


Tahô is a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and pearl sago (similar to pearl tapioca). This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and can be found all over the country.  Info credit


I practically grew up helping my mother and my aunt in our small eatery. We have a stall in front of my aunt’s place where a wide table was put up to accommodate several cauldrons of cooked viands. The ‘Carinderia’ was a hit in the neighborhood especially for those who don’t have time to cook their meal.

The eatery has helped all of us tremendously because the earnings from that business were able to send all of us children to college. After a decade of being active, my aunt finally decided to close shop. We are no longer living with my aunt because I have a family of my own now and so is my sister.

My aunt and mom thought that if they were wiser then, they could have put up a separate bank account or something where a share of what they earned from the eatery will go. I’m not sure if it’s called annuity, but they’ll be receiving a fixed amount until now.

I gained valuable lessons from helping mom and aunt in maintaining our carinderia. I learned the value of money and ‘time management’ as a teenager. I can’t imagine I survived the days where I have to do several assignments or review for upcoming exams in the middle of serving customers. Those are the experiences that I’ll never forget and I want my kids to learn something from my experience as well.

Newest Sweet Treats from Max’s Corner Bakery

Max’s Corner Bakery ushers in the love month with three, new indulgent confections: rich Red Velvet Cupcake, heart-shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake, and sweet and luscious French Macaroons in a variety of colors.

“This season, we want to create the most heartwarming memories for couples and families by introducing three mouthwatering treats from Max’s Corner Bakery. These new additions to Max’s Corner Bakery’s wide array of pastries and desserts reinforce our commitment to come out with the freshest and most delectable treats for every special occasion,” said Monette Aldos, Operations Manager of Max’s Corner Bakery.

Max’s Corner Bakery’s newest sweet offerings are budget-friendly and perfect for the season. For only Php 50 per piece, customers may already surprise their loved ones with the delightful sweetness of the Red Velvet Cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting, or the rich decadence of the Heart Shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake for only Php 199. For bite-size goodness, diners may try 3 pieces of colorful and deliciously light French Macaroons for only Php 88! These yummy desserts will be available in all Max’s Restaurants from February 1-28.

As a special treat, customers celebrating the season of hearts at Max’s Restaurant from February 11- 17, and who have a minimum spend of PhP 1,500, will all receive a pack of Max’s Corner Bakery’ French Macaroons – all for free. Surely, these treats will make any meal special, and sharing the love with your special someone, family and friends on Valentine’s day will be even more unforgettable. Head on now to your favorite Max’s Restaurant and get a taste of how sweeter life can be with Max’s Corner Bakery’s newest sweet treats – made with love, always.

About Max’s Corner Bakery
Max’s Corner Bakery is the bakery brand of Max’s Restaurant, one of the most enduring global Filipino brands today. Max’s Corner Bakery is famous for its perennial dessert – the Max’s Caramel Bar, and a roster of other oven-fresh, saccharine treats that have captured the heart of Filipinos all over the world. Max’s Corner Bakery’s delectable product line includes a wide variety of cupcakes, classic and custom-made cakes, breads and pastries.