Monthly Archives: March 2013

Dinnerware set

Gold Dinnerware Set, 16 Piece, Service for 4

Gold Dinnerware Set, 16 Piece, Service for 4

I’m adding this elegant dinnerware set to my wish list.  They are on sale at Houseware Deals, problem is, they only ship to certain parts of the US. Its original price is $120 but you can buy them for only $35. What a bargain!

Cooking it up with Kyle


Kyle’s Pancake. Your choice of syrup – maple or honey?

My big boy is learning how to cook pancakes. I actually helped him prepare the mixture and pour the initial batter to the pan. He’s so excited that he hums and jokingly stamps his feet. This boy is funny sometimes. He passed his pancake cooking initiation test and now exited to try cooking some simple dish. We’ll see about that.