Monthly Archives: June 2013

Mom on demand

In between washing clothes (thanks to washing machine for making my life easy) and doing online tasks, I still manage to do other things for the kids. The younger one reminded me to look for his drum set hidden somewhere. He is going to use it for a school activity tomorrow.

I’ll be preparing lunch after this brief update. I wonder what’s on the menu today.

Birthday treat for my boy

My big boy will be celebrating his 14th birthday next month. He has a different plan for his birthday. He wants to invite a few close friends and treat them at Mcdo or Jollibee. Or I might give him gift certificates from Goldilocks so he won’t be spending so much on food. As for the birthday gift, he is requesting another aquarium. Dad might just give in because it is actually cheaper to buy an aquarium than purchase an alesis io dock for his tablet. Kids these days.

Dirty dishes woes

Who’s going to wash the dishes? The question usually pops up after every meal. The kids know how to wash the dishes but when they have assignments or projects to finish, they leave all up the cleaning to me. It’s always been like that unless it’s the time of the month when mommy is too sick to move. I just wish there’s a reg cleaner for the dishes so the routine of dish washing won’t be a problem anymore.