Monthly Archives: November 2013

House extension

Hubby and I feel so blessed for having generous in-laws. I’m talking about my brother-in-law and his wife for allowing us to occupy what used to be their old house. Both our houses are built like a duplex so we just created a passage leading to the old house. We now have a wider and…

Our lunch today

Dilis fritters Tinolang tahong I’ll post the recipe later. 🙂

Survival tip: How to open a can without a can opener

I have seen this survival tip being shared by friends in the social media. This is a very practical tip in emergency situations and in places where a can opener is not available. It’s worth sharing. Video not mine

Papa John’s Pizza

We have added Papa John’s to the list of our favorite pizza house. Here’s why: A. Service is fast and efficient. We appreciate the friendliness of the staff who took our orders. B. Prize is worth the service and product. C. Most of all we love how the pizza is prepared. We love the texture,…