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My Simple Misua Soup


If you are in a hurry to prepare lunch or dinner and you want to pair something soupy with your fried fish or chicken, you can try this recipe in 1, 2, 3.

I have all three ingredients (misua, onion, egg, and chopped siomai) in the fridge. Just picked some malunggay leaves in the backyard.



Saute the onion in a tablespoon of oil
Add in the chopped siomai
Add 2 to 3 cups of water
Season to taste ( I used fish sauce)
Add in misua when the water starts to boil
Add the slightly beaten egg to the soup
Add malunggay leaves
Simmer for a couple of minutes more
Serve while its hot

Yummy Crunchy Shrimp Balls

shrimp balls

Basic ingredients:

Shrimp, flour, egg, kinchay (cilantro), chopped onion, salt and pepper to taste, oil for frying. You can add in veggies like carrots and malunggay.


Mixed all the ingredients in a bowl (except the oil), scoop a tablespoon and form the mixture into small balls (bite size) and deep fry. For sauce: mix vinegar with soy sauce, crushed garlic and chili, a dash of pepper and sugar. You may also use catsup or sweet chili sauce.

Best served with cooked rice.

I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe like we do. Happy Sunday, everyone! 🙂

Inexpensive Means to Treat a Child on Graduation Day

Graduation is always important to people. For kids, it may be their time to shine. Knowing how to reward them inexpensively for the accomplishment will help them realize the value of education without breaking your bank. One good way to treat the child is to go to his/her favorite restaurant that you only go to for special occasions. It will help your child understand that what he/she has gone through is important. Second way is to spend quality time with your child when you do not normally have spare time. A whole day of just going to places that he or she enjoys will surely be appreciated. Give your child something inexpensive that you know he or she wants. She will realize that in order to get something, he or she should work hard for it.

If you decide to invite some of your kid’s friends and classmates for a mini get-together, you may check out this cool site for printing of invitations.