Monthly Archives: May 2014

Pizza treat

Super Papa Papa John's Pizza

We’ll definitely be having pizza on Mother’s Day. According to my daughter, who just received her salary after a month stint as a newspaper cartoonist, she’ll treat me with my favorite pizza on Mother’s Day. She said I’ll be delighted with her treat for she knows that I love pizza so much. But she promised to give me more than pizza when she finishes school and has a stable job. She would probably give me a ring or a matched necklace set that she wants us to wear. I would appreciate anything that you’ll give me, anak. But you have to remember that you alone are more than a treasure worth keeping. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

A sumptuous birthday lunch

It was my birthday yesterday and we had a sumptuous lunch courtesy of Max’s. We had the food delivered at home using the gift certificates given by Max’s. (Thanks again Portia and friends who personally delivered the gift box.)


We had family size Max’s Fried Chicken, Shrimp Gambas, Pancit Canton, and a box of Caramel bars (not in photo). Thanks, Max’s. It was a great birthday present! 🙂