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Reunited with my old waffle maker

I have this waffle maker (model KW 2613) for more than five years now but I haven’t used it as often as I should. I organized and put away some of our stuff including a gibson robot sg toy and this waffle maker two years ago and forgot all about their existence. It was my son who reminded me about the waffle maker so I took it out of the cabinet, cleaned and used it last weekend… I think this waffle maker will be a regular fixture in the kitchen from now on.

Cooking Tips to Save Money

When it comes to food, it makes perfect sense not to cut corners, as we are dealing with daily sustenance here. But living in these times when it has almost become a necessity to make a budget on everything, it makes just as much sense to scrimp a bit on our food-spending.

cooking tips

But it’s not about starving yourself to death as you sit mesmerized in front of your living room fireplace. It’s just about spending more wisely on food without having to compromise nutrition. Here are some tips on cooking on a budget:

Cook the right portions. Nothing’s more wasteful than cooking for a battalion when there are only three of you at home.

Grow your own veggies. You’d be surprised at how much you’d save if you grew your own tomatoes or basil. Think about it… you’ll be cooking with fresh vegetables and having a hobby at the same time!

Don’t leave out the leftovers. If you have a few leftover veggies from last night’s dinner, you can throw in some pasta and sauce, and turn it into a pasta dish.

Stir-fry veggies with a bit of meat if you want to make a quick and cheap dinner. It’s yummy and healthy.

With a bit of imagination and creativity, you’re sure to come up with ways to be wealthy and healthy at the same time.

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