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It will be a simple Christmas eve celebration

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Christmas eve observance this year will be a lot different from the previous ones that we had. I just underwent a major operation and movement is limited for a few more days. So hubby and I decided to just order or take out food for Christmas eve. Ordering will be a lot easier but knowing the traffic and the volume of those who wished to order online, I think it would be best to just take out. We just have to decide whether it would pizza or spaghetti this time.

Meantime, if you are still checking on gift ideas online or you have a musical instrument in mind you can check private reserve guitars at for the best list of musical items. As for the big kids at home, hubby and I decided to just give them cash to buy what they want for Christmas.

Have a blessed and meaningful Christmas everyone — from my family to yours!

Checking some items online

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We haven’t had the time to go to the mall to check on some items for the home. The best thing that we can do is to check online. I’ve checked on an online catalog and pick some items to purchase. There are non-stick frying pan, dinnerware set, non-stick sauce pot, kitchen set, cutlery set. They also have this cute foldable picnic basket.

I’m also interested to get some towels, bed sheet, and space saver hanger. I’m also checking for cheap guitars but the online catalog don’t have anything related to musical instruments and what not. Maybe I should look for a guitar shop near me instead.

Nilasing na Hipon


I’ve got this recipe from and made my own variation. Since I’ve cooked this in August I forgot the exact measurement of the ingredients I used. Anyway, here’ the original recipe from

What you need:
1 pound shrimp, head and shell on
¾ cup all purpose flour
¼ cup Shao Xing Cooking wine (I replaced this a different local wine)
¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
1½ teaspoons garlic salt
¼ teaspoon ground cayenne red pepper
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1½ cups cooking oil


  • Wash the shrimp with running water. Drain the water and place the shrimp in a bowl.
  • Add garlic salt and ground black pepper. Mix the ingredients either by tossing using your hands.
  • Add the cooking wine. Toss and ensure that all the ingredients are well blended. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes.
  • In another bowl, combine flour, cornstarch, and ground cayenne red pepper. Mix well.
  • Heat a cooking pot or a deep frying pan or wok. Pour cooking oil. Let the oil get hot until it reaches 325F.
  • Dredge the marinated shrimp in the flour mixture. Make sure that the shrimp is coated all throughout.
  • Fry one side of the shrimp for 1 to 2 minutes or until it turns dark orange and the texture gets crispy. Turn it over and do the same with the other side.
  • Remove the crispy nilasing na hipon from the cooking pot and place in a plate lined with paper towel.
  • Arrange in a serving plate and serve with spicy vinegar.