Monthly Archives: March 2017

Summer treat

Image lifted from my other blog.

With the piercing summer heat, restaurants are coming up with numerous gimmicks or promotions to invite customers to try their products and services this summer. Diners sell ice cream and halo-halo on a discounted price to entice more clients.

Speaking of summer deal, I think recording studio equipment available at Musicians Friend is also on sale. Check them out.

Summer activities for kids

Many moons ago, kids my age spend summer vacation by playing anything from dolls, learning how to ride a bike, swimming with friends or learn to play guitar. We basically do most activities outside the house. These days, kids have a lot of worthwhile activities to do during summer vacation. Besides learning how to play violin or piano, interesting instruments like boomwhackers at Guitar Center is a sure hit to kids. Kids of this generation are also interested in baking and cooking. Would I be given a chance to learn how to cook when I was younger I could be a better cook today. 😀