Monthly Archives: June 2018

Chocolate is love!

My love for chocolate never fades with age. So happy to receive this bagful of chocolates from our nephew-in-law. And a pair of lip balm for me and Naomi. 🙂

Choosing motorcycle riding jacket to suit your type of ride

Today’s motorcyclists are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing motorcycle jackets. No longer are motorcycle jackets limited to the classic black leather jacket that are very popular among seasoned motorcyclists such as the cruisers, etc. These days, a motorcyclist can easily find a jacket from the wide range of motorcycle jackets fit his…

Food on a rainy day

My Tinolang Manok sa Luyang Dilaw (Chicken Ginger Stew), a comfort food on a rainy day. Rainy season allows us to cozily stay indoors and relax for a bit. You can also satisfy your cravings by preparing a delicious meal that will favor the cold weather. You should know foods that are very simple and…