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Heavenly Balbacua

One of the vloggers I’m following featured this Cebu-authentic ox-tail stew in one of her recent vlogs. I remember my bro-in-law’s famous (among the relatives) Balbacua.

He had a chance to cook and share to us this delicious soup before he flew to Brunei for a job opportunity.

I wasn’t able to ask him the ingredients of his specialty dish and how it is prepared, so I borrowed someone else’s recipe on the net ( I’m reposting the recipe here.


1 kg Oxtail (sliced)
1/2 kg Beef Skin
(1 Can Pork and Beans – BIL did not include this)
4 pieces saba (cooking bananas)
1 cup spring onion (minced)
black pepper
ginger (chopped)
1/2 kg peanut butter


1) Assemble the oxtail, beef skin, chopped ginger in stockpot. Pour around 5 cups of water. Add blackpepper. Bring to boil.
2) When the oxtail and beef skin are tender, add the saba, peanut butter, and the pork and beans. Let simmer.
3) Season to taste.
4) Garnish with minced spring onion before serving.

Motorcycle Jacket Buying Tips

Do you know that you can buy safety by purchasing the right motorcycle riding jackets that are available? There are so many jackets that are available that picking just one is hard. You will come across a lot of styles, brands, and types that you want. If you do not have a lot of budget, just one jacket will be sufficient for your needs.

Do you know the criteria that you should follow when looking for the right motorcycle jacket? it can be a bit complicated if you have never read up on it before. You may want to check out the following:

  • Get to know what your riding style is.

Are you the type of person who would like to zip up a one-piece suit instead of purchasing a jacket and pants separately? If you answer yes, then there are various one-piece suits that can still offer the protection you want. If you would rather buy separates, that will be fine too. Check out motorcycle jackets for men. You will surely find a lot of jackets that you will like a lot.

  • Find a material that you like.

Do you prefer leather? Do you like nylon? You have to know what type of material you are most comfortable wearing. It will allow you to make an easy choice. You can eliminate jackets that do not fit the material that you want. Stick with jackets that you find comfortable. This will make choosing so much easier.

  • Consider the color of the jacket.

If you want something that will make you look cool, you can stick with basic colors such as black or brown. Gray will be nice too. If you want something that will make you stand out, choose neon or pastel for the ladies if they would want that. The color of the jacket actually has the power to change the whole jacket’s appearance. Choose something that will fit your personality.

One of the most important things to remember is it is okay to look at cheap motorcycle jackets as long as you know that the quality is great. You do not want to have a jacket that will only last for a few days. To get the best value for your money, search for one that can last for a long time.

How to Keep Your Child Safe at Home

As a parent, you have a goal. You would like to keep your child safe at all times. If in case you sense any danger, you will do your best to remove your child from that situation. What if the danger can occur right at your own home?

Your home may be adult-friendly but it does not mean that it will be child-friendly too. Take a look at your furniture and your appliances at home. Do they pose a threat to your child? If you answer yes, then you know what to do: you need to make some changes at home that will make it more conducive for your child to live in.

  • Always check if your home security is 100% safe. You can hire locksmiths that will ensure that your lock is working properly.
  • Have the right items at home that will protect you if in case an intruder enters. It is not very likely for thieves to enter homes when the family is in there but what if it still happens? You need to have the right materials to protect yourself. Equip yourself with a taser. You can find taser gun for sale online and in brick and mortar stores. An electric stun gun will also be very helpful. Using it will allow you to have enough time to contact the authorities.
  • Install security cameras around the house. You may hire a nanny when you are not around. You can keep track of your nanny to make sure that she is doing what she is supposed to do with a nanny camera. You cannot just leave your child with someone that you do not know even if her credentials seem to be trustworthy.

Make sure that you have expandable batons for sale that will make your home safer in general for your child. Have plug covers to lessen the chances of electrocution. You can also add some corner cushions to lessen the sharp edges around the house.