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Paksiw na Ayungin (Silver Perch)

Hubby and I decided to regularly include paksiw na isda in our menu to cut down on our meat consumption. Paksiw na isda is fish poached in vinegar broth usually seasoned with salt (or fish sauce) and spiced with crushed garlic, onion, ginger and siling pansigang. You may include vegetables like eggplant and bitter melon. (wiki)

The kids don’t actually like paksiw (except for Lechon Paksiw) so we have to cook a separate viand for them. Besides Ayungin, we also love to cook Paksiw na Bangus.

For this one, I used Ayungin (freshwater fish called silver perch). I placed all the ingredients I mentioned above including the fish in one pot and cooked it for over 20 minutes.

Paksiw na isda is perfect for cooked rice and fried rice. Mas lalong sumasarap ang paksiw habang tumatagal ng ilang araw. 😀

How to Make Camping Fun

There are a lot of people who feel that their lives will not be complete if they do not go camping. They always set up schedules either alone or with family members and friends. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some people who just hate camping. They cannot imagine the dirt reaching their feet and the rest of their body. They cannot imagine sleeping on sleeping bags and just being protected by tents. Some people are just paranoid. They feel that they need extra protection all the time.

Photo by Luke Bender on Unsplash

This explains why some people use their jeep to go camping. Jeep camping has gained popularity ever since more and more gear have started to appear in order to support this style of camping. Instead of having to walk around the wilderness for hours or just be with other people in very crowded camping grounds, they can use their jeeps to set up in never-before seen places. It can be enough to make people forget about their reasons why they hate camping. The jeep trailer can be bought and people can still feel comfortable. If you have not tried this yet, then this is something that you should check out.

For some people who are a little bit more adventurous, they can try the the jeep rooftop tent. This will allow a certain number of people to sleep on top of the tent. They will surely be sleeping underneath the stars. Do you find this exciting and perhaps, romantic? Then this is something that you should try out now.

The items that are mentioned so far all seem great, right? But you have to admit that you do not know where these items can be purchased. You can check out online and even go to actual brick and mortar stores but if you want to see a wide selection of items all in one place, you simply have to check out tuff stuff 4×4. It may be overwhelming in the beginning but the more that you see the different items that they are selling, the more that you will feel enthusiastic about purchasing the right gear to use.

Things To Know Before Opening A Bakery

For many Americans, it is their ultimate dream to one day open a bakery. It should be realized, however, that opening up any type of business needs to be done with lots of planning and forethought. You should never open a business unless you have a clear and concise business plan. If you are planning to open a bakery in the future, below are some top things to understand before you dive in.

Business Plan

Like stated earlier, it is essential to have a good business plan in order for your bakery to have any chance of success. Some people might think they are good enough at baking that they don’t need a business plan. This is not true and can be an easy way to set yourself up for failure before you even get started.


Just because you are good at baking and have a solid business plan, you should think hard and long about working for other bakeries before you commit to opening up your own. While each bakery will have its own set of unique challenges, there is a lot to learn from other bakeries that will help you have more success in your own bakery. Learn as much as you can from other bakery owner’s experiences before you move ahead with opening yours.

Decide About Partners

Before you go into any business, you need to weigh the pros and cons of having a business partner. Many people want to own their bakery business alone because they don’t want to have to share the success with anyone else. However, if you do decide not to take on a partner, you should thoughtfully consider getting investors involved. They will be able to help you fund your business while leaving the operations and baking up to you.

These are just a few of the things you need to really consider before opening up a bakery. You are going to need a lot of funding to buy the storefront and all of the equipment you will need. Be sure to only buy equipment like industrial blenders and ovens from reputable online suppliers such as