Crispy Dulong Okoy (Dulong fritters)

My family loves fried food: fried chicken, tapa, pork chops – you name it. When my kids were young I would incorporate veggies in their meal by preparing okoy (fritters) or lumpia. So growing up, they love to eat lumpia, veggie balls, and okoy anytime of the day. Recently, I cook dulong okoy following the […]

Squash okoy

This is my modified okoy recipe. Read my post here. Ingredients: Shredded squash (my replacement for mongo sprout), sweet potatoes (kamote) (shredded), carrots (shredded), tofu (minced), onion (minced), four eggs (beaten), flour, salt to taste, pepper, oil for frying. Procedure: 1. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients – shredded squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, tofu, […]