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Sauteed Kangkong and Spinach

This simple and budget-friendly meal is one of the easiest dish na naluto ko for the family. When you run out of ulam ideas to cook, eto na ang isa sa pwedeng go-to recipe mo.

Ingredients: Kangkong (water spinach), spinach, garlic, onion, oyster sauce, pepper, oil, tofu.

Procedure: Sautee chopped garlic and onion in a small amount of oil. Add kangkong and spinach leaves. Simmer for a few minutes before adding oyster sauce. Cook for a few more minutes before turning off the heat.

This dish is best paired with fried tofu. Served with steamed rice or fried rice to your liking. Enjoy!

New Fave Snack

N introduced us to this new snack (or dessert for us) called Kumori. This was her second order from their online store. We have tried their carrot cake and hanjuku ube on New Year’s Eve. At dahil masarap sya, N decided to order again last weekend.

Box on the left: Carrot Nut, a Japanese-style sliced carrot cake mixed with walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.

Right box: Hanjuku Ube, half baked Japanese style ube cheesecake with a rich & moist cream cheese center.

Both pastries have the right amount of sweetness. Ube cheesecake is actually addicting because super soft nya. Medyo bitin at moderate lang ang kain, mahirap na. Haha!

Empanada Delight

Of all the empanadas that we have tried, the ones from madampanada takes the cake!!

Each serving is packed with flavorful fillings such as:

⚫️ Chicken
🟤 Cheesy Bacon and Mushroom
🔵🟣 Cheese Pimiento
🔵 Tuna
🔴 Ham & Cheese
🟠 Cheese Overload
🟢 Pork

The price is just right at sulit na sulit sa lasa. Two pieces pa lang busog ka na. Sabi nga ng kumareng Sammy, “Walang hangin, walang artificial flavors, walang lard at di puro crust.”

Visit them at for orders. 🙂