Baking it with Bingo!

Weekends are fun especially when you are partying with your friends or colleagues at your home or in a close by pub. You don’t really need a specific reason to get together with your friends and have fun. But yes, every once in a while there does come a few occasions when you celebrate with gatherings at your place or in a nice restaurant.

Last weekend, on Saturday it was my son’s birthday. We planned a birthday get together in our home and invited all of my kids friends from school and the neighborhood. My son was really happy to be around with his friends, rejoicing and exchanging smiles and laughters on his day.

For the whole day, me and my husband were busy in making the party arrangements. A special canopy was erected in the big compound of the house While my husband took responsibility of decorating the house with buntings and balloons, I started baking my son’s favourite ‘Chocolate Truffle Cake’. Snacks and main course dishes were ordered from outside.


So, I dedicated my full attention in baking the delicious cake to tickle my son’s taste buds. Beating the eggs and making batter was really fun, when the day brought back old memories of my son’s birth 12 years ago.

Baking a cake is a long process and usually takes 2-3 hours for it to get ready. When it was getting baked I decided to login and refresh myself with a quick game of bingo on my mobile. Not only the game helps me to take off my mind for a while about the things that are ahead but it also helps me to kill boredom, when I am sitting idle.

Though I am a part of 5 bingo sites, most of the time it is where I prefer to play. This site provides a wide range of games, whether it is classic 90-Ball Bingo or the fast paced slot games. Among the games available, that day I played more of 75 ball pattern bingo as I keep experimenting every time with the different games offered by the site.

Baking a cake or preparing a special dish will always take time and patience, but you will always have bingo on your fingertips to entertain you. So, just login to GameVillage and enjoy gaming while putting in your culinary skills to test!

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