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Nilasing na Hipon

I’ve got this recipe from and made my own variation. Since I’ve cooked this in August I forgot the exact measurement of the ingredients I used. Anyway, here’ the original recipe from What you need: 1 pound shrimp, head and shell on ¾ cup all purpose flour ¼ cup Shao Xing Cooking wine…

Lumpiang Shanghai and Lumpiang Gulay

These are the lumpiang shanghai and lumpiang gulay I wrote from the previous post. I ordered them from Marce Fedhz. they were oh so yummy and worth the price. 🙂

Craving for Bibingkinitan

It’s the time of the month again when I crave for something chewy and sweet. I’m not talking about candies or chocolates this time but a Filipino delicacy called bibingkinitan. I haven’t eaten bibingkinitan in a while so I’m posting this picture to satisfy my cravings. 😀

Our lunch today

Dilis fritters Tinolang tahong I’ll post the recipe later. 🙂