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Restaurant Sanitation Problems

Everyone who owns or oversees a restaurant should prioritize sanitation above all else. Eateries that fail to offer patrons a sanitary dining experience typically don’t last long and often find themselves on the receiving ends of law suits and hefty fines. Additionally, in the age of instant feedback, a single bad review can do irreparable…

Tips in Finding the Right Catering Company for Your Wedding

Congratulations! You are getting married and like all brides, you want to make your wedding as perfect as you possibly can. How successful your wedding is going to be will depend on the choices that you make. From your guests, entourage, wedding gown and services that you need for your wedding, you need to make…

Token of appreciation

I couldn’t think of an appropriate gift to the OB-GYNE who performed the surgery last December. Since I do not have the physical capacity to shop for Christmas gifts at that time, I thought of giving her my favorite Fedhz Polvoron. I also purchased a couple of boxes for my former editors.