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Summer treat

With the piercing summer heat, restaurants are coming up with numerous gimmicks or promotions to invite customers to try their products and services this summer. Diners sell ice cream and halo-halo on a discounted price to entice more clients. Speaking of summer deal, I think recording studio equipment available at Musicians Friend is also on…

Token of appreciation

I couldn’t think of an appropriate gift to the¬†OB-GYNE who performed the surgery last December. Since I do not have the physical capacity to shop for Christmas gifts at that time, I thought of giving her my favorite Fedhz Polvoron. I also purchased a couple of boxes for my former editors.

Lumpiang Shanghai and Lumpiang Gulay

These are the lumpiang shanghai and lumpiang gulay I wrote from the previous post. I ordered them from Marce Fedhz. they were oh so yummy and worth the price. ūüôā

Fedhz Polvoron Delivery

Late post. ¬†I was finally able to place an order of these tasty¬†homemade polvoron from Marce Fedhz last month. My order (in four plastic containers with cute thank you cards) came with sample product the ones in small brown bags. They were delivered right at¬†my doorsteps by Fedhz’ cousins who were living just a few…