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Student exchange program

One of the academic activities my daughter is looking forward is to be a part of her school’s student exchange program. The program would give her the opportunity to experience college student travel and a wider academic excellence with opportunity for cultural growth. Although my daughter is typically shy, she wants to explore and meet new friends of different races. The exchange student program grants the students the privilege to study for one year in a partner Asian university(ies).

Music that inspires creativity

I know some painters who love to listen to music while they are working on their magnum opus. Music boosts their creativity. Same with mommies who prepare a meal for the family. They love to listen to a soothing sound while cooking the best meal of the day.

I personally love to listen to music while cooking so hubby set up an amplifier to boost the sound of the radio while tuned in to our favorite radio station. 🙂

Tale of Fedhz Polvoron

I’m not just promoting Marce Fedhz’ homemade Polvoron here but highlighting the story that brought this good-tasting Polvoron to life, better yet read her heart-breaking story so you would know how important this candy is to what she is right now – a successful blogger and boss of her own online business.

Learn from the story of this inspirational lady, mom, and friend.

I got a bagful of Polvoron from Fedhz’ mom, repacked and send them as Christmas gifts for my daughter’s and son’s teachers.

I miss her Polvoron already. 🙂