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Samgyupsal at Home

We were excited to try the Samgyupsal set my DD purchased last month so she ordered a few ingredients from Romantic Baboy. The set includes woosamgyupsal, samgyupsal raw meat, extra sides odeng and kimchi. I’ve only added onion rings for side dish.

This set is good for four persons. We were able to consume the food for lunch and dinner. The remaining ingredients were used to prepare breakfast the following day. Sulit talaga!
Grilling woosamgyupsal is a breeze because the meat is so tender.
Caramelizing onion rings.
Grilled woosamgyupsal and samgyupsak meat. The best when paired with kimchi. Odeng is also tasty.

Checking some items online

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We haven’t had the time to go to the mall to check on some items for the home. The best thing that we can do is to check online. I’ve checked on an online catalog and pick some items to purchase. There are non-stick frying pan, dinnerware set, non-stick sauce pot, kitchen set, cutlery set. They also have this cute foldable picnic basket.

I’m also interested to get some towels, bed sheet, and space saver hanger. I’m also checking for cheap guitars but the online catalog don’t have anything related to musical instruments and what not. Maybe I should look for a guitar shop near me instead.

Gifts for the loved ones

Oh yes, why I haven’t thought of voucher codes. I can use one if ever I’m going to buy gifts online for my family and some relatives. My mom and sister will have their birthdays this month while my son’s 15th birthday will be in July.


August is a special day for me and my honey because it’s the month when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. The budget is a little tight these days after we’ve spent a sum for the kids’ enrolment, so I’ll try to give something simple but useful for these special people. I’ll be sending voucher codes for my sister and mom because it would be physically impossible for me to hand out gifts to them. My son, on the other hand, wants to have a new bag from Jansport Philippines. I might give in to his request because I believe in the product because of its style and durability (two of the characteristics I look for in a product). As for my anniversary gift to hubby, I’d probably buy him a couple of shirts since he needs to update his wardrobe.

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