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Grateful for 2021

We should always be thankful for all the blessings we received and will come our way this year.

Most of these gifts we got from the workplace of hubby.

Different coffee mix. I only tried the 3-in-1 coffee, bread, and a sachet of stevia sweetener.
These apples are big. Two persons can share a piece.
I may start searching for different recipes that use cheese as one of the ingredients.
Rice allocation from the office.
Our niece gifted us a delicious cheese pie dessert on Christmas Day.
Lastly, a group outside of my husband’s work gifted him with a mobile phone, a power bank, and a personal air purifier.

My fervent prayer, not only this year but, beyond is that all families and friends thrive, be happy, and healthier. I’m also claiming more job opportunities for all of us.

How to Keep Your Child Safe at Home

As a parent, you have a goal. You would like to keep your child safe at all times. If in case you sense any danger, you will do your best to remove your child from that situation. What if the danger can occur right at your own home?

Your home may be adult-friendly but it does not mean that it will be child-friendly too. Take a look at your furniture and your appliances at home. Do they pose a threat to your child? If you answer yes, then you know what to do: you need to make some changes at home that will make it more conducive for your child to live in.

  • Always check if your home security is 100% safe. You can hire locksmiths that will ensure that your lock is working properly.
  • Have the right items at home that will protect you if in case an intruder enters. It is not very likely for thieves to enter homes when the family is in there but what if it still happens? You need to have the right materials to protect yourself. Equip yourself with a taser. You can find taser gun for sale online and in brick and mortar stores. An electric stun gun will also be very helpful. Using it will allow you to have enough time to contact the authorities.
  • Install security cameras around the house. You may hire a nanny when you are not around. You can keep track of your nanny to make sure that she is doing what she is supposed to do with a nanny camera. You cannot just leave your child with someone that you do not know even if her credentials seem to be trustworthy.

Make sure that you have expandable batons for sale that will make your home safer in general for your child. Have plug covers to lessen the chances of electrocution. You can also add some corner cushions to lessen the sharp edges around the house.

Sous vide cooking technique


I‘ve learned another cooking technique online called sous vide (pronounced as sue-veed). I’ve been cooking for my family for years now but it’s the first time that I stumble on this cooking method. This style of cooking has been around since time immemorial and still being practiced by chefs worldwide.

According to immersion circulator reviews, the method is really simple you just need to have the Best Sous Vide Brands machine for a start. The food item – fish, meat, veggies, that you want to be cooked through sous vide technique should be placed into airtight plastic bag. Once fully sealed, the plastic bags with the food item will then be submerged into a steam heated water bath (sous vide machine). The water bath is set at a specific cooking temperature for the amount of time that you desire. What you will achieve is a perfectly and evenly cooked food item because the natural juice stays in the bag. Professional cooks claimed that sous vide technique are better than grilling, frying, oven and stove top cooking.

It seems easy to do right? All I need now is to acquire one of these sous vide machines to get me started. I hope to find one on sale.

When shopping for a Sous vide cooking utensil it’s worth considering using a discount code from a site like Mamma. It has a large database of discounts and is a great resource.