Fedhz Polvoron

Everyone is busy preparing Christmas decorations at home and wrapping gifts to their friends and relatives. I may have plans or prepare an imaginary Christmas list for some people close to me, but things are not favorable as I wish it to be this year. For now, my “shopping” list will have to wait until maybe I have enough resources to cover for it.

For my kids’ advisory teacher, I might get them some delectable home-baked goodies from my friends’ business such as Fedhz Polvoron and Sammy’s Pine-Carrot Cupcake. I should have placed my order earlier in time for the kids’ Christmas Party next week. I’m sure the lady teachers will love the polvoron and cupcakes. The male teachers won’t surely trade these sweet treats to a pack of perdomo cigars.

3 thoughts on “Fedhz Polvoron

  1. Dada

    We actually specialize in polvoron-making, available in 7 flavors: Butter, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Choco Nut, Cookies & Cream, Pinipig and Ube Crunch. Polvoron is really a favorite pasalubong gift to overseas family and friends. If ever you’d be around Marikina City, we’ll have boxes of polvoron waiting for you. =)

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