Finding Uniforms for Hotel Staff That Are Dignified yet Unique

One of the biggest challenges that hotels face is providing appropriate uniforms for their staff. A staff’s uniform is important because outside of the hotel itself, the first thing that guests will see is the staff. They will make decisions about the quality of the hotel, its efficiency, and its cleanliness based on the appearance of the staff.

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Hotel uniforms not only serve as a way to identify the staff as hotel personnel, but it also identifies the job that they do. For example, a guest should be able to look at a hotel staff member and decide immediately if the staff member is part of the hotel’s administration, janitorial staff, kitchen staff, or hospitality crew.

Photo by from Pexels

The goal should be to equip every staff member with a uniform that is in harmony with the hotel’s overall color scheme and style. However, the uniform should be unique enough to clearly identify which department the staff works in. Hotels want a uniform that is not so outlandish that it detracts from the dignity of the hotel. However, at the same time, they want their uniforms to be different enough from the clothing worn by their visitors to make it clear that a particular person is a staff member, and not a guest in the hotel.

Many hotels have worked with uniform designers such as those found at Sharper Uniforms for example to come up with a uniform scheme that meets their needs. In addition to providing uniforms, these designers work with hotels to tailor the uniforms to perfectly fit their employees.

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