Owning A Sweet Business

When you own a business, it should be something that you enjoy doing. Ice cream carts are an idea that you can take almost anywhere as long as there is space to set up the cart and as long as you have all of the proper permits from the city. One of the things that you need to have to begin your business is creativity. The cart shouldn’t be the simple white design that you see while walking along the sidewalk. Try to add as many bright colors as possible to make the cart noticeable. You should also add pictures of the ice creams that are served and prices that are easily seen by customers.


Develop a business plan that is easy to follow. Since you’re operating a cart instead of a store, it won’t be as hard to maintain overhead or monitor inventory. You won’t have to worry about the utilities, except for the electricity needed to keep the ice cream frozen. Your cart should be one that is easy to push and that can be pulled or hauled on the back of a truck so that you can take it to the center of cities where children play on hot summer days or to parks where families enjoy time outdoors when it’s warm. These are areas where you’ll make the most money from the ice cream. You can also take the cart through neighborhoods as long as you have permission.

Local advertising works well, but if you plan on taking your cart to multiple cities, then you want to advertise in a way that will reach the most people, such as social media or fliers that are posted in businesses. Another idea is to advertise at fairs and large events so that people know where to find you when you’ll be in the town again. Gather all of the registration documents and licenses before selling. Make sure you have plenty of inventory to get started and a place to store the ice cream once your business has kicked off. Once you start making a profit, then you might want to consider hiring someone else to operate another cart so that you can branch out in the area.

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