Pesang Tilapia

*Pesang Tilapia is easy to cook you only need the following ingredients to prepare it:

1/2 kilo Tilapia
1 piece Onion
thumb-size Ginger
Pechay or boc choy
half cabbage
Water (depends on your preference)
Fish sauce to taste

How to cook:

Boil ginger and onion in a moderate amount of water. Add Tilapia.  Add cabbage and pechay when fish changes color. Add fish sauce until you get the desired taste. Simmer. Serve while hot.

*Pesa is a fish soup dish with vegetables.

11 thoughts on “Pesang Tilapia

  1. Melai

    Hi, yum… We also cook that kind of dish at home, we call it Nilagang Tilapia and we also put peppercorns just like Pork Nilaga. =)

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  3. Elena

    Hi,last night,i cooked pesang tilapia but unfortunately,when i tasted it,there was no taste even if i put a lot of salt!!my procedure was i sauté garlic,onion and ginger then i put it into boiled water then next is the tilapia then i add some pepper and salt then pechay baguio after that when i tasted nga,there’s no taste talaga!whats the problem?can i add some more ingrs.?or is it bcoz of pechay baguio instead of pechay tagalog?pls reply me,thanks…

    1. Yami Post author

      Hi Elena. I don’t usually saute when I cook Pesang Isda. The procedure is the same as when you cook Nilagang Baboy. Drop in ginger, onion, pepper corn and salt with meat. Add in veggies when the meat is tender. In the case of Pesang Isda or Tilapia you let the water boil before you drop in the fish. I’m not really sure if your choice of Pechay Baguio or Pechay Tagalog has got to do with the taste. I also add Patis or fish sauce to make the soup flavorful. I hope this helps. Thanks for the visit. 🙂

  4. Alma

    I cooked this dish tonight and I loved it so much eventhough my husband said it wasn’t tasty. But I don’t think he knows what pesang tilapia really tastes like. He said it didn’t taste like the way his mother prepares it. I really wanted to tell him that what his mother prepares is not pesa but instead it’ s sinigang, just lacks the taste of the tamarind. And he always thought it was Nilaga or Pesa. I can’t help but laugh at the thought, but I contained myself and decided to keep my mouth shut. 😀 While I was eating, it actually took me back to the time when my mother was still cooking this dish. I ate to the last drop of it. So yummy! Thanks for the recipe. 🙂


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