Round fruits to usher the New Year

I only have four round fruits in my fruit basket (this is an old photo of mine). Do I intend to complete the 12 or was it 13 fruits to bring luck for the New Year? I’m not sure; I can only buy a few pieces depending on the budget.

Round fruits, as they say, signify coins and having lots of it will bring luck for the New Year. Others believe 12 fruits signify the 12 months of the year, so by having 12 fruits on your table will bring more luck for the next 12 months of the New Year.

Whatever these fruits signify, why not have them on a regular basis. Fruits will surely bring you the best of health as fruits improve the health, regulates the blood and circulation and digestion. And this is beneficial for those who want to lose weight.

We don’t just rely on pure luck. We have to work hard to improve our lives and the lives of those who depend on us.

So, be in the pink of health and enjoy your fruit basket anytime.

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