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7 Life Skills You Can Learn From Baking Classes

With the birth of the Internet, anyone can learn almost anything, including how to bake. From baking to cake decorating, there is plenty of information you can find online. But if you want to boost your baking and cooking skills to the professional level, nothing beats enrolling in baking courses in the UAE.

Joining baking classes is the sure-fire way of enhancing your culinary knowledge and skills. You get to learn essential techniques to make extraordinary creations, along with food safety practices and safe food storage. These courses focus on how to get products right, from delicate soufflés and crepes to parfaits and cakes. Best of all, you will get a certificate of completion, which is a crucial document if you want to elevate your baking and patisserie career or establish your own bakeshop or café.

But aside from the recipes and techniques, you can also develop these seven life skills from taking baking classes.

1. Organization

The world’s best bakers know that the baking process entails careful timing. Baking classes will teach you about “mise en place.” This refers to keeping your station equipped with everything you need for your culinary creations, including pre-measured ingredients and tools.

Apart from that, baking courses will help you become acquainted with the kitchen and all the equipment and tools in it. This way, you will know what exactly to prepare for the recipe you want to bake and avoid taking pauses while baking. Remember, taking even a slight break while baking, such as waiting for the butter to melt, can cause a change in the recipe because timing and order are crucial.

Baking involves a great deal of science. The measurement of each ingredient and their order matters, so being organized is highly required.

2. Attention to detail

Baking entails making precise measurements and maintaining temperature conditions. An oven that is 20 degrees hotter or an ingredient that is a few extra grams more than what the recipe dictates will alter the end product’s texture and taste. Cooking classes will train you to have a keen eye for such details.

3. Creativity

Most successful bakers are constantly creating crowd-pleasing cakes and pastries. Though you might not instantly create the next big pastry sensation, improving your baking skills through proper education can give you insights and notes for perfecting unique creations.

Good bakers follow the classics, but the great bakers are always curious. They experiment with several combinations to come up with out-of-the-box recipes – and when they fail, they take these as learning experiences.

4. Patience and dedication

Baking is a step-by-step process. And some of the steps can be time-consuming.

For instance, sourdough can take hours to rise properly. If you cut the time in half, you will end up with a sourdough brick. Same is true with making the cloud-like meringue on top of a cookie or cake – you won’t achieve this if you don’t patiently whisk those egg whites.

Some days in a bakery can feel frustrating, whether you want to develop new recipes or master the classics. But with patience and dedication, you will certainly perfect your craft.

5. Composure under pressure

A lot of things happen in a busy kitchen, but baking classes will prepare you for most of them. You will learn how to stay calm, especially if you need to function under pressure in an overwhelming work environment.

If you can get distracted by the noisy and demanding atmosphere of the kitchen, you could make errors with your measurements or forget some essential baking tools. But if you know how to keep calm, you can create sumptuous pastries and cakes even in the busiest kitchen.

6. Self-confidence

One key ingredient of success is having self-confidence. If you believe in yourself, you can do almost everything.

Joining baking classes will help you overlook the chaos you may have caused in the kitchen before. It can act as a GPS or map that leads you to the right path. If you know what to do and where to go, you can take the next steps confidently.  

7. Communication

Effective communication is another important life skill you can learn from baking classes. Regardless of the size, kitchens can be loud, fast-paced, and chaotic. Effective communication will make a huge difference.

When working in a team, you must acknowledge that each member is different. Also, you must give respect to earn respect from other people. When you are asked, make sure to respond or give even a short acknowledgement. And before starting a conversation, organize your thoughts first to ensure that you are providing pertinent facts.

The time commitment, fees, and travel expenses related to enrolling in baking or cake piping classes might seem unnecessary. After all, you can learn from reading tips and guides or watching videos online. But if you truly want to enter the world of commercial cake decorating and pastry preparation, joining an in-person culinary program is vital. It offers not just the tools and hands-on training; but also the life skills you need to become one of the great bakers in the world.

Baking it with Bingo!

Weekends are fun especially when you are partying with your friends or colleagues at your home or in a close by pub. You don’t really need a specific reason to get together with your friends and have fun. But yes, every once in a while there does come a few occasions when you celebrate with gatherings at your place or in a nice restaurant.

Last weekend, on Saturday it was my son’s birthday. We planned a birthday get together in our home and invited all of my kids friends from school and the neighborhood. My son was really happy to be around with his friends, rejoicing and exchanging smiles and laughters on his day.

For the whole day, me and my husband were busy in making the party arrangements. A special canopy was erected in the big compound of the house While my husband took responsibility of decorating the house with buntings and balloons, I started baking my son’s favourite ‘Chocolate Truffle Cake’. Snacks and main course dishes were ordered from outside.


So, I dedicated my full attention in baking the delicious cake to tickle my son’s taste buds. Beating the eggs and making batter was really fun, when the day brought back old memories of my son’s birth 12 years ago.

Baking a cake is a long process and usually takes 2-3 hours for it to get ready. When it was getting baked I decided to login and refresh myself with a quick game of bingo on my mobile. Not only the game helps me to take off my mind for a while about the things that are ahead but it also helps me to kill boredom, when I am sitting idle.

Though I am a part of 5 bingo sites, most of the time it is www.gamevillage.com where I prefer to play. This site provides a wide range of games, whether it is classic 90-Ball Bingo or the fast paced slot games. Among the games available, that day I played more of 75 ball pattern bingo as I keep experimenting every time with the different games offered by the site.

Baking a cake or preparing a special dish will always take time and patience, but you will always have bingo on your fingertips to entertain you. So, just login to GameVillage and enjoy gaming while putting in your culinary skills to test!

Image courtesy of voraorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net