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Bento making

bento ticket

My daughter was invited to a bento making activity at the University of the Philippines last weekend. She and her classmates got to design their own bento box for the first time. (Bento box – a multicompartment box used for containing the different courses of a usu. Japanese lunch – merriam-webster)


Messed up. This is how her bento looks like when she came home. The food is basically used to design the bento and may no longer safe to eat after several hours of being exposed in the activity area. I’m keeping the bento container since its cute.

Those cute bento boxes I want to make for my big kids

I’m starting to get really interested in those colorful and yummy bento boxes. I’ve been reading a lot about them and seeing friends post their creatively crafted piece of art in a lunch box. I’m not sure if I’m ready to jump in the bento bandwagon though, but I’m willing to try anyway.

I’m thinking of ways to make my boy, the younger of two kids, eat as much as he should. He’s still a picky eater at his age and who knows preparing a bento lunch box could just solve the problem and encourage him to eat more without leaving half of his (boring) lunch box untouched.

But, first things first, where to get my bento box supply? I wish I can find a one-stop shop for bento boxes tools and accessories this weekend.

For now, I’m feasting my eyes on websites that discuss quick tips and tricks on making bento lunch boxes for kids and grown up. I’ve bookmarked everything for future reference.

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