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Simple Birthday Celebration for the Man of the House

Hubby just celebrated his birthday a few days ago. We had spaghetti, pizza, calamari, and mojos for lunch and dinner courtesy of our daughter. Thanks, N.

Everyone is busy so we were not able to take pictures of the food except this Ube Bloom Cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop. We prefer this cake variant from the other ones that we tried before because the icing is not too thick and the sweetness is just right for us.

Happy birthday, oppa! Saranghae!

Happy birthday, we love you so much. We pray for your good health and long life. May all your wishes come true. 🙂

Birthday treat for my boy

My big boy will be celebrating his 14th birthday next month. He has a different plan for his birthday. He wants to invite a few close friends and treat them at Mcdo or Jollibee. Or I might give him gift certificates from Goldilocks so he won’t be spending so much on food. As for the birthday gift, he is requesting another aquarium. Dad might just give in because it is actually cheaper to buy an aquarium than purchase an alesis io dock for his tablet. Kids these days.

Movie date with the kids

my birthday cake

My birthday cake

I took the children for a movie treat on my birthday. They’ve been asking me to watch Iron Man 3. It’s been a while since we watched from the big screen. After an enjoyable movie date we bought a small cake from Red Ribbon. We were supposed to buy other items at the mall but most shops were already closed by the time we got out of the movie house. I heard a man behind us told his companion that he was lucky to buy road runner case at wwbw just before the outlet closes for the day. Lucky man indeed he was able to grab the 50 percent off on selected items at the music store.