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It will be a simple Christmas eve celebration

Image courtesy of toonsteb at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Christmas eve observance this year will be a lot different from the previous ones that we had. I just underwent a major operation and movement is limited for a few more days. So hubby and I decided to just order or take out food for Christmas eve. Ordering will be a lot easier but knowing the traffic and the volume of those who wished to order online, I think it would be best to just take out. We just have to decide whether it would pizza or spaghetti this time.

Meantime, if you are still checking on gift ideas online or you have a musical instrument in mind you can check private reserve guitars at musiciansfriend.com for the best list of musical items. As for the big kids at home, hubby and I decided to just give them cash to buy what they want for Christmas.

Have a blessed and meaningful Christmas everyone — from my family to yours!