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Simpol Cookbook by Chef Tatung

I finally got this cookbook by Chef Tatung courtesy of my daughter. This was her advanced birthday gift to me.

Thinking about what would be our meal for the day is a tedious task. Can you relate, mommies?

Chef Tatung’s Simpol Cookbook is like an answer to my daily problem. It features 101 recipes with video links. You can choose from chicken, pork, beef, vegetable, seafood, and rice, and noodle.

Even before I got this book, I already tried cooking my modified version of Simpol’s herb roast chicken. I copied the procedure later on for blog posting. I’m excited to cook as many recipes as possible.

Del Monte Kitchenomics is giving away 100 cookbooks!

del monte cook book

Del Monte Kitchenomics is giving away 100 cookbooks to their lucky email subscribers. I joined by answering 4 easy questions.  I hope I still possess the luck in raffle draws/contests like I used to have. 🙂

This cook book will come in handy when I try out new dish for the family. You know It isn’t easy to prepare meals for picky eaters and when food budget is limited. Most dishes listed in the Kitchenomics recipes are healthy and easy on the budget plus the recipes are easy to follow.

I’m excited to own a cookbook like this.

Alternative sources for Recipes

Thanks to modern-day technology, you need not buy those expensive cook books in case you wanted to try out new recipes to serve your family. A lot of alternative means are now available within reach if you happen to suddenly take interests in cooking and aspire to be a self-taught chef. You can browse hundreds upon hundreds of recipes online for free, print them and bind them into a book and viola, you’ve got your own cookbook! You can also get those food magazine back issues for a much cheaper recipe source. Also, you can check out your local video shop and scout for discount dvd of cooking shows which you can watch at home in your own sweet time.

You are bound to be a good chef if you practice hard, it does not matter whichever medium of instruction you chose to be your sous chef.