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Time management

Time management will always be an issue for me. I have a difficult time following my own market and cooking schedule. The result is dismal as I end up buying ready-to-eat food from the nearest carenderia most of the time. I hate it when I fail to provide the best meal for the family. It makes me feel like a bad parent. I admire a mommy friend who’s doing a good job in managing her time in the kitchen and come up with great tasting meal. Not only is she a good cook but a clutter-buster. She manages the household without a helper and for that she deserves the best luxury apartment rental in paris treat from her better half. I won’t be surprised if she’s one pampered housewife. If I have someone to look up to when it comes to time management, it would be her no less.

Some Bonding Time in the Kitchen

Kitchen is just perfect for other activities apart from your palatable or gastronomic endeavors. You can round up the kids over the weekend and catch up with them over simmering sauces and while waiting for your pasta to cook. You can also tag your husband along, for a change, let him choose which recipes to cook from your laptop nearby. You might as well show him the new model of htc virgin mobile is offering, which you have been hinting him to get you for a while now. Who knows, you might end up not only giving your family a delicious home-cooked meal and but manage to get the new gadget, too!