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Pizza cravings


My family loves to eat pizza. When we have the chance to go the mall, we only have two choices for our snack. It’s either hamburger or pizza. When there is enough budget, we go for pizza (with additional order of spaghetti and chicken). And pizza would not be as enjoyable to eat without a hot sauce and chilli flakes. Yum!

Some cravings

My daughter is craving for tacos and I run out of ingredients. I could have dash to the nearest supermarket to buy the things that I need to prepare tacos, but hubby has to go to work today. It’s his day off but something came up at the office, so he needs to be there. He also needs to check some atv winches on his way to the office upon the request of his friend who is a bike enthusiast.

I wish hubby will pick up a box of pizza on his way home. I’m craving for it now. 🙂