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Mango Graham Shake

This might not be the best drink on a rainy day but judging by the looks of this sweet treat, who would refuse enjoying one? Made by my sweet daughter for herself. 😀

This is just a combination of blended mango smoothie, evaporated milk and crushed graham. Refrigerated for a few minutes and voila!

Dessert Ideas that Kids Love

Most of the time, kids are always excited about desserts. They can skip the rest of their meals as long as they will still get dessert afterwards. What are the desserts that kids love the most? Here are just some of the desserts that kids cannot resist:

  • Chocolate cake – Most kids love chocolates. It can be a bit weird for a kid not to like it because it’s sweet, sticky and can make people happy.



  • Ice Cream – Even adults love this sweet treat so it’s not a surprise that kids love it as well.
  • Pies – There’s nothing like homemade pies to make kids feel special.