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My fave homemade polvoron (Christmas gift idea)

Photo owned by Marce Fedhz and sent through viber.

I know it’s too early to post about Christmas gift ideas here, but hey Christmas is only a few weeks away. For someone who loves to eat like me I thought of posting my favorite homemade polvoron here as a perfect food gift idea (for me and my kids).

My last order from Marce Fedhz was two years ago. So this year I will make it a point to place my order even before Christmas season sets in. 🙂

The picture above was my order (in four plastic containers with cute thank you cards) that came with sample product the ones in small brown bags. They were delivered right at my doorsteps by Fedhz’ cousins who were living just a few blocks away.

Gift idea for my old boss

What birthday gift suits a former boss? Is it a bottle of red wine or chauvet slimpar 56? I’m not sure if he will appreciate any of those. How about a cooked food or dessert perhaps? I just want to give him something to thank him for his goodness.  He has been good to me and my husband. He appreciates my work attitude then. Sometimes he gave my husband an extra job which paid him a certain amount of money that we used to pay for the tuition of our children. So for his birthday, I would like to return the goodwill by giving him something. Since I have no better gift idea at the moment, I’d better check with his staff and ask them about their boss’ favorite dish.