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A Fashionable Chef

I do not know about you, but apart from your kitchen equipment, your oven, refrigerator, gas range and the likes, I believe that it is also advisable to invest on those accessories needed in the kitchen like sturdy mittens and an apron or two perhaps. No, I am not asking you to don a toque as you move around your cupboards and pots, but much like cuff links that users buy for style and function, these kitchen accessories don’t just make for one fashionable cooking statement, but they are actually essential in making your stint in the kitchen a breeze. I know they won’t make you a cook par excellence all of a sudden, but they will sure make your cooking duties easier, not to mention safer, in case of those mittens.

Dressing Down The Kitchen

Normally I would reserve the expensive fabrics for the bedroom and the living room and would opt for cheaper ones or discount upholstery fabric to be used for the kitchen. It is way too impractical to dress the dining table and other dining furniture with expensive materials. Think of numerous messy spills and dozens of nasty stains that will require a huge amount of effort to get washed off, or worse, a considerable amount of money to have it dry cleaned! There are cheaper alternative that would still help achieve the contemporary and homey effect that I want on my kitchen and dining area. A little creativity and a good alliance with a good tailor will help me do the trick many times over.