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Protect Your Hands When Doing the Dishes

Ask any lady who toils away, washing the dirty dishes in the school kitchen what her biggest skin problem is, and she’ll probably tell you that it’s her dry hands. Moms- or Dads- at home may find themselves faced with the same dilemma as well.

Doing the dishes- even with rubber gloves on- tends to dry out the skin on your hands. Although you can’t entirely ditch the duty of doing the dishes, there are some things you can do to help alleviate the problem:

As soon as you get up in the morning, use a fragrance-free skin moisturizer on your hands. Wait five minutes after the first application, and slather on some more. When your hands are dry, they absorb moisture faster.

When doing the dishes, use thicker and longer dish gloves to make sure that no water seeps into the gloves and irritates your skin.

Apply a thick layer of lotion on your hands, and leave them overnight. Wear breathable knit gloves, to keep your hands from sweating, as sweat only further irritates the skin.

Steer clear of hand sanitizers with alcohol. Alcohol strips your skin of moisture more than soap and water does.

The key to keeping your hands soft is to treat your skin all day long- not just before or after doing the dishes.