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Grilled Tilapia

We had grilled Tilapa a couple of weeks before the news about the fish kill erupted, so this one’s safe to eat.

Just to be on the safe side, know the kind of fish that are safe for human consumption, and be able to know the list of areas affected by the fish kill before you head out to buy fish from the local market.

Pesang Tilapia

*Pesang Tilapia is easy to cook you only need the following ingredients to prepare it:

1/2 kilo Tilapia
1 piece Onion
thumb-size Ginger
Pechay or boc choy
half cabbage
Water (depends on your preference)
Fish sauce to taste

How to cook:

Boil ginger and onion in a moderate amount of water. Add Tilapia.  Add cabbage and pechay when fish changes color. Add fish sauce until you get the desired taste. Simmer. Serve while hot.

*Pesa is a fish soup dish with vegetables.